Top 3 Best Go Kart Brands Roundup

The go kart market is flooded with different brands that design and manufacture a wide range of go karts.

Buying a go kart is an investment, it is especially the case if you purchase a top of the range 4-seater kart. It is always a good idea to purchase a kart from a reputable brand.

In order to learn more about the top go kart brands let’s take a closer look at 3 of the most popular brands.

  1. Trailmaster

Trailmaster design and manufacture some of the best off-road go karts on the market. The Trailmaster range of off-road karts include both 2 and 4-seater off-road karts, the 4-seater karts are ideal for families that enjoy outdoor adventures. In addition, Trailmaster offer both kids and adult go karts.

Trailmaster off-road karts are known for their durable frames, functional designs and advanced safety features. Some of the advanced safety features include a protective roll cage, comfortable seats, and safety harnesses that will ensure maximum safety in case of an accident. Additional features that can be found on majority of Trailmaster go-karts include headlights and a horn.

The Trailmaster range is extensive and they have a big variety of outdoor go-karts available. 

  1. Kandi

Kandi go karts are some of the best go karts that money can buy. The Kandi range of karts include both kids and adult karts and it also includes both electric and gas-powered karts.

Majority of their kids go karts are battery powered, their adult off-road karts are engine powered. Electric karts are ideal for kids, they retail at a lower price point, battery operated karts are eco-friendly and they travel at speeds that are safe for kids.

The engine powered adult Kandi go karts are ideal if you enjoy off-road karting. These powerful beasts will be able to negotiate tough terrain with ease and they also feature designs that are built for the outdoors.

Kandi go karts are known for their high-end designs that are packed with safety features such as roll cages, seat harnesses and speed governors on kids karts.  You definitely can’t go wrong by investing in a Kandi go kart.

  1. Interceptor

Interceptor designs and manufactures top of the range off-road go karts. Their range of go karts include both adult and kids go karts that vary in size and design features. In addition, the Interceptor range also includes multiple UTV go karts.

These UTV go karts feature sleek design that resemble the look of a high-end sports car. You will definitely stand out from the crowd for good reasons only if you show up in one of these.

All Interceptor go karts feature strong, durable designs that will offer maximum protection in case of an accident. Their karts feature additional safety features that includes bucket seat, safety harnesses and speed governors, although these can sometimes be altered. You can’t go wrong by purchasing an Interceptor go kart.

Final thoughts

The 3 go kart brands mentioned above design and manufacture some of the best go karts that money can buy. Their product offerings are extensive and when it’s all said and done you will walk away with the kart of your dreams.

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