How to Make a Go Kart Faster

Go kart designs vary, some are built for speed, others for the great outdoors, and kids go karts are designed for fun. Regardless of what type of go kart you have a little bit of extra speed will be welcomed by majority of kart owners.

Making your go kart go faster can be quite technical, trading it in for a better/faster kart might be a better option.

But not to worry if you don’t want to sell your beloved kart in your quest for more speed. Below we will explore different areas that you can improve on your kart in order to make it go faster.

Different ways to make your go kart go faster includes but isn’t limited to putting weight on the brakes, removing the governor, installing a turbocharger, installing a larger engine, installing tires with a larger diameter, the addition of rubbing alcohol to your gas tank, and re-gearing your kart.

Putting weight on the brakes

Even the fastest go karts need to use their brakes at some point. The best drivers use their brakes for a short period of time before accelerating again, this strategy allows for extended periods where the kart is traveling at its top speed.

The brakes of a racing kart are on the back of a kart, by leaning back when braking and putting weight on the brakes it will allow the kart to slow down much easier. The ability to slow down faster allows the driver to accelerate for extended periods of time which in return will ensure that you can zip around the track much quicker than normal.

Remove the governor

Majority of go karts are manufactured with governors on their engines that limit their top speed. Governors are prominent features on youth go karts to ensure the safety of the young drivers.

Keep in mind that this process will take some time and skill. The engine needs to be disabled in order to remove the governor on the kart. Another factor to keep in mind when opting for this route is to disable the low oil sensor. Going around a corner at fast speeds will cause the oil to shift to one side, a working low oil sensor will proceed to automatically shut down the engine.

Install a turbocharger

A turbo powered kart will definitely go faster. The installation of a turbocharger is another way to ensure that your go kart reaches faster top speeds. A turbo increases the amount of air that is compressed within the engine, it increases horsepower and engine output which ensures added speed.

Turbochargers can be expensive and they also require skill to install. Make sure to seek professional help from a mechanic if you are unsure about how to properly install a turbocharger.

Install a larger engine

The installation of a larger engine that produces greater horsepower will also ensure faster top speeds. Before opting for this option ensure that the new engine will fit into the engine space occupied by the old option.

Install tires with a larger diameter

The installation of larger-diameter tires is also a great option if you are looking to make your go kart go faster. Increasing the diameter of your rear tires will especially increase the speed of your kart. With each revolution the tire will push the go-kart forward due to the fact that the contact surface area is increased.

Re-gear your kart

Re-gearing your kart by installing a smaller sprocket on the drive axle and a larger sprocket on the engine output will also ensure faster top speeds. This change will ensure that more revolutions are made each time the engine makes a revolution which causes the kart to go faster.

Make sure that you don’t overdo this process, causing your engine to work too hard in order to get the kart moving will cause your engine to stall out.

Add rubbing alcohol to your gas tank

The addition of 91% rubbing alcohol to your gas tank will also improve the output produced by your kart. A 50/50 mixture of alcohol and gas should increase speeds due to higher horsepower produced by the engine.

Final thoughts

A faster go kart is definitely more fun, but think carefully before making any changes to your kart in order to gain faster speeds. Modifications can be tricky and if you don’t have the necessary mechanical skills you could end up damaging the engine or other parts of your kart.

Start with the basic options first before trying to modify the karts engine. Also keep in mind that it could be cheaper to trade your current kart in for a faster option instead of spending money on your current go kart.

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