How Much Does It Cost to Build a Go Kart?

Go karts are fun, they can be enjoyed by the whole family and go karting is a great way to explore the outdoors. New go karts can be expensive, the handy dads (and moms) might want to explore the option of building their own go kart.

Let’s take a closer look at how much it would cost to build your own go kart.

Required components and cost

The first question you have to ask yourself is what type of go kart do I want to build? Pedal powered go karts will be a lot easier and cheaper to build than an engine powered 4-seater family go kart.

Majority of DIY go karts are pedal-powered karts, engine powered DIY go karts are normally simplistic single seater karts with limited capability. The following basic components will be required to build your own go kart regardless of the type of kart that you want to build.

3 wheel hover kart


A good solid frame is a must when building a go kart. Building your own frame can be very challenging, building your own steering and drivetrain can be especially challenging if you don’t have experience in the field.

Buying a used frame is a great option if you don’t want to struggle through the process of figuring out how to build a drivetrain etc. Used frames can be found on craigslist for under $300. Also keep an eye out at garage/yard sales, you never know what you might find.

If you really want to build your own frame then salvaging steel from a scrap yard for the frame will save you a lot of cash.


Small lawn mower engines are ideal if you are looking to build your own DIY go kart. A 5hp engine will be a great start, but the size of the engine will come down to personal preference. Salvaging an old engine would be ideal, a new 7hp engine will set you back roughly $150.

Pedal-powered karts are easy to “power up”, either use pedals from an old bicycle or roughly $20 will get you a new set of pedals.


Good wheels are a must on any go kart, a set of 4 new wheels will set you back about $80, it could be more depending on the size of the wheels.

Seat and Safety Belt

Salvaging is once again the way to go when looking for a seat for your new go kart. Old tractor or ride on lawn mower seats work great for DIY go kart seats. If you want to buy a new seat expect to spend roughly $50 on a new seat and a seatbelt.

Cost Breakdown Estimates

Frame = $300
Engine = $150
Wheels = $80
Seat with seat belt = $50
Extra parts = $50

Total cost = $630

All in it is possible to build your own go kart for roughly $600, building a pedal-powered kart and salvaging the materials will drastically lower the cost. Also keep in mind that basic welding equipment and other tools will be required in order to build your own go kart, if you don’t have any equipment buying a go kart will be a much better, and cheaper, option.

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