TrailMaster Go Kart Review

Go Karting is a thrilling activity enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Back in the day, the first kind of go karts to hit the track were those with no motors. These were powered by nothing but pedal power. Thankfully, times have changed. Nowadays, you have a motor that does all the propelling.  A go kart is a kind of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or utility terrain vehicle (UTV) that works on the same basis as a car, but without all the extra bells and whistles. They still have an engine, a carburetor, and need fuel to run, but are more widely available for people of all ages.

While there are many different go karts available to buy, the ones we’re going to focus on today are all from the TrailMaster brand. TrailMaster is a brand dedicated to producing premium grade go karts for people of all ages. They have a range of high-quality products available, all at reasonable prices. In this review, we’re going to be taking a closer look at 3 of the best Trailmaster Go Karts available for sale today. You’ll get to learn what’s great about each of them, and where they may fall down. We’ll also share with some tips on the kind of things to look for when buying a go kart.  

What to Consider When Buying an Off-Road Go Kart

Who it’s for?

Size is definitely something you need to consider when buying a go kart. Not all models are suitable for kids, and not all models are suitable for adults, so it’s important to think about who’s going to be using it. Most go karts have a two-stroke engine with a single cylinder. This is invariably because they are more lightweight and compact. These engines are usually air-cooled, increasing the capacity for airflow, making them much more efficient than a multi-cylinder engine.

Where they tend to differ is in the engine size and horsepower. And as a general rule of thumb, when it comes to go karts at least, the bigger the engine and horsepower, the faster it will go. So, if you’re buying it as a toy for a youngster with very little experience, those with a little less power are probably a better choice.

The transmission type should also be considered at this point. While you can get more control over your go kart with a manual transmission, they can make the whole driving process more difficult. Therefore, for anyone new to the world of go karting, we recommend starting off with an automatic transmission model first.

Features and Functions

Not all off-road go karts have the same attributes, hence the big range in price. The following, however, are some of the more sought after features you may want to consider when making your purchase:

  • Electric start/Remote start: With the rise of modern technology, came the rise of a whole new load of gadgets to play around with. While the electric start is a given in today’s age, the remote start feature is still seen as more of an optional extra, especially in the world of go karts. But it is a nice feature to have, nonetheless.  
  • Roll cage: Thankfully most modern go karts are equipped with roll cages. Avoid any that isn’t. Go karts travel in excess of 40mph, and as a result, any crash could cause significant injury if not properly protected.
  • Horn: Depending on where you’re going to be taking your go kart, you may not need a horn. But if you’re going somewhere there’s a chance of meeting some oncoming traffic, you’ll be much safer if you opt for a model that has one.  


All mechanical items need maintenance, and go karts are no different. However, the maintenance they require in comparison to say a car, is minimal. The main thing you need to worry about is engine oil. Most go karts run use 10W-30 engine oil. But you should always refer to the owner’s manual to be sure. The other thing you’ll need to ensure is that you keep the gas tank topped up. The majority of modern go karts run on unleaded fuel and have a typical fuel capacity of around 1 gallon, but again, you always refer to the user’s guide to be sure.

TrailMaster 150CC XRX GTS Go Kart

trailmaster xrx mini go kart

The TrailMaster 150CC XRX GTS Go Kart is a top-of-the-line model that’s guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun. Featuring an EPA certified, 150cc engine, this go kart is capable of producing a max hp of 8.2 and max torque of 7 lb ft! It can also travel at a max speed of 43 mph, which is extremely fast for a go kart.

And unlike many other go karts on the market today, it’s actually a really comfy ride, regardless of the terrain you’re travelling across. Much of this is down to the advanced suspension system, offering a double A-arm at the front and a swing-arm in the rear.  

It also has an adjustable driver’s seat and tilt driving wheel that makes it a comfy ride for anyone up to a maximum of 500 lbs. in weight and around 6’ in height. And comes with 4-wheel fenders to help keep your kart protected.

According to the customer reviews, one of the most liked features this go kart has to offer is the digital speedometer.    

So, if you’re looking for a fun ride that’s fast, safe, and that whole family can enjoy, the Trailmaster 150 XRX is an excellent choice.

TrailMaster 150 XRS Go Kart

No matter what your age, you can be sure this dual wheel drive kart will put a smile on your face.  Equipped with a high-performance 150cc engine, and automatic CVT clutch, the TrailMaster 150 XRS is capable of cranking out a whopping 10hp. This, in turn, enable the kart to travel at speeds of up to 43mph! But don’t worry as thanks to both front and rear hydraulic brakes, this kart has some immense stopping power too.

As well as being a little speed machine, this go kart is also one tough cookie, that’s capable of handling more than just a standard track. It can ride over bumps and holes with very little trouble and it’s climbing ability is insane, with a ground clearance of 6.7”. And, with a front and rear coil over suspension system, you get one of the smoothest rides you’ll ever experience from a go kart.

Another cool feature about this go kart is that it’s been approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as being not too harmful to the environment, meeting all required emission levels. The TrailMaster 150 XRS features dual sport bucket seats and a 5-point harness to ensure both comfort and safety. It’s also available in 6 different color options! How cool is that?

So, if you’re looking for a way to release some energy and have a whole lot of harmless fun, I highly recommend taking a look at this beast. It’s fast, it’s exciting, and you don’t even need a license to drive it.

TrailMaster MID XRX Go Kart

The MID XRX Go Kart is another fantastic offering from TrailMaster. As with the 150 XRS, it’s available in a variety of colors, and comes complete with an overhead canopy meaning you can have hours of fun without getting too baked from the sun.   

With a 196cc, 6.5hp engine, this is no soap box car. When in full motion, the TrailMaster MID XRX Go Kart is capable of achieving speeds in excess of 30mph. The recommended minimum age is 8, just because it’s such a nippy little thing. But, other than that, anyone can enjoy it provided they’re less than 6’ tall and weigh no more than 221lbs.

Equipped with a fully integrated steel frame, side rails, and belly pan, this go kart is suitable to be driven over various surfaces including concrete, grass, and dirt tracks and has a ground clearance of 6.6”.

There are dual point retractable seat belts to keep you strapped in and safe and a horn to let people know you’re coming. While, the disc brakes are hydraulic and work very well at stopping you fast if need be. Another cool safety feature is the kill switch that’s located on the dash and engine.   

It may not be quite as beastly as the 150 XRS, but, it’s still a whole lot of fun to bomb around in and is ideal for those younger drivers or those just starting out in the world of go karting.

TrailMaster MINI XRX Go Kart 

If you’re looking for a fun and reliable 2-seater go kart to bomb around in but can’t really afford a top of the range model right now, then be sure to check out the TrailMaster MINI XRX Kart. You get all the same fun, but at a fraction of the cost.

This go kart features a 163cc 5.5hp Honda Clone Engine. And while that may be little less powerful than the other two models here, it’s still pretty impressive for a go kart. It’s a modern machine, that’s equipped with an electric/remote start function with a pull start for backup. Another pretty modern attribute is the Speed Governor function. With this in operation, you can adjust the max speed that the go kart can run at, which is handy for those with less or no previous driving experience.

While it may be a little down on power, the TrailMaster MINI XRX Go Kart is still capable of achieving speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. And anyone who’s ever been on a similar go kart before, will know that’s still rapid. The suspension is solid, and the rack-and-pinion steering is firm.   

Sure, it’s a little less rugged, and the specs aren’t quite as monstrous as the other two models featured in this review, but still more than enough to keep anyone smiling for hours on end. And, with a fairly generous weight capacity of 400lbs., it’s strong enough so even those ‘big kids’ can get some enjoyment from it.  

We hope you found the above useful and are now in a better position to make your next TrailMaster go kart purchase. Whether you’re looking to buy a go kart as a way to get into competitive powersports or you’re just looking for a new toy to have some fun on, you can be sure TrailMaster has a model that can suit your needs.

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