Best Off Road Go Karts

Off road go karts are for those that enjoy the adventurous side of life.

The best off road go karts can be a lot of fun and this type of go karting it is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Our current ratings for the best off road go karts are:

  1. Powersportsgalaxy 110cc
  2. Rugged Go Kart
  3. HML Moto 110cc

Powersportsgalaxy 110cc

Best Overall

The Powersportsgalaxy 110cc is the perfect 2 seater go kart for kids that love both speed and the outdoors.

The Coleman Powersports galaxy go kart features a reliable 110cc single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled fully automatic engine with reverse.

This kart is powerful and it is thus very important to ensure that its safety features are top notch. It features 2 individual seat belts for both the driver and the passenger and it also features a speed limiter which is set at 24 mph with a kill switch.

The design of this little off-road beast is powerful, but the design is also packed with all of the relevant safety features. The use of a helmet is recommended at all times regardless of a go karts design and safety features. With a max load of 180 lbs., two 10-year olds will both be able to ride on this off-road kart with ease.

This dual wheel drive go-cart is available from Amazon.

"The Powersportsgalaxy 110cc is a great option for a first time go kart purchase."


Rugged 4 Wheel Go Kart


Best Value

This kart features a 49cc engine, it isn’t a very big engine in comparison to majority of off-road karts, but it is big enough and with a good enough top speed to ensure a fun time out in the dirt.

Rugged isn’t just the name of this kart, it is also the best way to describe the karts design which is very similar in style to an ATV rather than a UTV. This electric go kart features rugged wheels and a rugged frame, it also features a safety belt to ensure safety.

A helmet and additional safety gear such as knee and elbow pads are definitely recommended when using this go kart. This is a fun kart for both kids and adults and it is also a great option for first time go kart owners.

"The Rugged off road go kart is a compact kart with a simplistic design. "



Monster Moto MM-K80-RT


Best All-Rounder

The HML Moto pre-teen and kids 2 seater go kart is a fun, powerful and “cool” outdoor go kart that is sure to get the stamp of approval from any kid.

The HML Moto features a single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled 110cc engine with automatic reverse.

Safety is very important when purchasing a go kart for kids and this go kart has no shortage in terms of safety features. These safety features include: comfortable bucket seats with seat belts, padded steering wheel, both of which ensures added safety and comfort.

This little off road “machine” has a lot of features that one would want in an off-road kart, but it is important to keep in mind that it is pricey and that some assembly will be required before your new purchase is ready to hit the dirt.

"This powerful engine is perfect for an off-road kart, it can go fast, but it comes with a speed limiter that is set at 24 mph to ensure the safety of its young drivers."

Best Off Road Go Karts Buyers Guide

There are a couple of things to consider before you buy your first off road go kart, these include: have you done off road go karting before? Do you own land or is there an off-road track nearby that you can go karting on? What type of off-road-go- kart am I looking for? How much money am I willing to spend on the best off road go kart?

Below we will answer all of these questions and we will also provide you with information that will make the purchase of your first, or next, off-road go-kart an easy stress free process.

In this section we review the best go karts for off road use so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.


Off Road Go karts vs. Dune Buggies

If you do a google search for a go kart a huge variety of different options appear, if you add “off road” into the search bar it narrows it down.

At first glance it can be very easy to confuse an off road go kart with a dune buggy. Let’s take a closer look at each respective kart and at how they differ to ensure that you don’t make this common mistake so that you can get the best off-road go kart possible for your individual needs.

How Off Road Go Karts Differ

Off-road-go-karts are 4 wheeled powered karts that are designed for use on rugged outdoor terrain.

The majority of the best off-road go karts are engine powered but electric off-road go-karts are also available on the market. The best off-road go-karts feature strong sturdy designs and majority of them feature a roll cage.

All terrain tires, a good strong high suspension, seatbelts and a powerful engine are all additional high-quality features that define a go kart. Off-road go-karts can either be single, double or four-seater karts.

Dune buggy Specifications

Dune buggies are bigger than off-road-go-karts. A dune buggy features bigger more rugged designs with bigger engines that can reach a higher top speed.

The Verdict

You will find that a dune buggy is essentially similar to the best off-road go-karts but with bigger and more powerful engines, better climbing capacity, higher max speeds and higher price tags.

Where can I use my off road go kart?

The answer to this question might seem pretty obvious but there are a couple of factors to keep in mind when thinking about where you can and cannot use your off road go kart.

It is obvious that off-road go-karts are designed for the outdoors, if you owe land then you are free to use your go kart on that land as you please.

Off road go karting tracks will be the best option for those that don’t own land, make sure to research different tracks in your area before purchasing an off road go kart, some tracks might only allow go karts of a certain size or driver's above a specific age.

Features to look at when buying an off road go kart


Choosing which off-road go-kart to buy can be a very daunting task, one of the features to consider when making a choice is the construction of the go kart.

Off-road go karts need to be able to handle rough terrains and as a result they require strong durable features. In addition, off road go karts are expensive, a good strong go kart is a much better investment than a weak design that is bound to break after a short while. You should also consider load capacity and the fact that karts are often built with a very low ground clearance.

Go karts that are made out of steel, aluminum or similar metals are good options, avoid purchasing a go kart with a host of plastic elements. Plastic is widely used in the construction of some kids go karts. Not only will a well-constructed go kart last longer, it is also a lot safer especially if an accident were to happen.

Speed and power 

Speed and power go hand in hand, bigger powerful engines can reach higher top speeds.

Power and speed are both necessary in off road go karts in order to negotiate rough terrain with ease. On the other end of the spectrum less power and speed is recommended if you are purchasing a go kart for your kids.

Less power and slower max speeds will go a long way in ensuring your child’s safety out on the track.

Choose a functional design/frame  

Off road go karts with slick designs might be appealing to look at but they aren’t necessarily the best option.

Go karts with roll cages look big and bulky but those are vital to ensure the safety of the occupants. In addition a strong overall frame is key to protect the chassis, engine and other components of the go kart against damage. Check the ground clearance as well.

Engine powered or battery powered

Off road go karts are either engine or battery powered. Battery powered go karts have high top speeds and they are cheaper since they don’t have to be refilled with gas, but they do slack in other categories.

Engine powered go karts might be slightly more expensive to run, and they do require more maintenance but they are also very powerful and they can run the whole day.

Battery powered karts can only run for short amounts of time before they have to be recharged again and the charging process is time consuming.


Will you be the only driver of your go kart? Do you want a go kart that can fit the whole family? Will your kids be the only riders?

Your answer to these questions will determine the capacity of the kind of seater go kart that you need to purchase. Off road go karts are available in single, double and four-seater options.


Maintenance is very important for any engine powered vehicle. Make sure that you are equipped to perform regular maintenance on your go kart, or find a trustworthy mechanic that can help with the maintenance of your kart. Not only will regular maintenance boost your kart’s performance, it will also reduce the risk of pricey repairs in the long run. 

Safety features

Go karts are powerful motorized small vehicles that reach fairly high max speeds. Go kart accidents can lead to serious injury or fatalities in severe cases.

Make sure that your new go kart is packed with safety features in case of an accident. Helmets should always be worn at all times when the kart is in operation. A strong sturdy design is an important safety feature and comfortable adjustable seats with safety belts is another must have feature.

If you are buying the go kart for your kids make sure that it is equipped with a speed governor and an automatic kill switch is another handy safety feature. 


Off road go karts are fun, and if you choose one of the best off-road go-karts featured here, you won't be disappointed. They can be enjoyed by the whole family and they are great if you enjoy spending time outdoors. Do thorough research before buying one since they are a fairly big investment and always remember that safety is of utmost importance.    



More Reviews...

Trailmaster Kids Go Kart

The Trailmaster XRX is a rugged looking off-road go-kart for kids. The Trailmaster XRX features a powerful 163cc 5.5 HP 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine with disc braking system, full suspension and a fully automatic CVT transmission.

This powerful yet reliable xrx go kart is also safe to drive at night thanks to its bright LED headlights. It has a load capacity of 250 lbs., two youths or 1 adult will be able to fit on with ease, meaning weight capacity won't be an issue.

Safety is an important aspect to look at when buying an off-road go kart. This kart comes with a speed limiter, safety belts and a strong durable canopy top to ensure safety.

Keep in mind that basic repair and setup skills will be required to get the Trailmaster XRX up and running, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it rather take your new go kart to a mechanic for the setup process to avoid any unnecessary mechanical issues down the line.


Marauder 4 Wheel

The Marauder gas powered go kart is the perfect off road go kart for both adults and kids.

This powerful off-road go-kart has a max speed of 24 mph and a max load of 400 lbs. Safety is very important when looking at off road go karts and this kart doesn’t disappoint. It features a strong frame with adjustable steering wheel, strong durable wheels and a safety belt.

Even with all of these safety features a helmet should be worn at all times when driving any off-road go-kart. This kart is recommended for use by kids 13 years and up and adults can also use it due to its high max load. The Marauder does feature quite a hefty price tag but it will definitely be worth the spend.


FamilyGoKarts GK110

The GK110 is a youth off-road go-kart that features all of the amenities that one would normally find on a full size go kart.

The GK110 features a low maintenance, 110cc four stroke engine with an automatic transmission, reverse and hydraulic disc brakes, Safety is very important when buying an off road go kart, this kart is packed with safety features which includes the following: bucket seats with safety harnesses and a strong durable tubular steel frame with a protective roll cage.

In addition, it also comes with a parental remote control, this is a great feature that parents can use as an added safety measure. This kart with its 16 inch all terrain tires is built for the outdoors. If you have an outdoor loving kid with an upcoming birthday then you might have just found the perfect gift for him/her.

We found the hydraulic brakes this heavy-duty go kart comes with to be a particular favorite of those we asked to review the item.

Although we didn't review too many youth go karts for this guide, the GK110 was a particular standout in this category.


Trailmaster XRX Mid-Size 200cc

The Trailmaster XRX Mid-Size is a powerful kid’s go kart that features a strong 200cc engine. This model doesn’t feature a reverse, keep this in mind if it is something that is of importance to you.

Safety is very important when kids are using motorized transport that can reach high speeds. This off-road beast features a strong tubular steel frame, a roll cage and side rails along with padded bucket seats with safety harnesses to ensure the safety of its occupants at all times.

In addition, make sure that a helmet is worn at all times. The seats on this off-road go kart can be adjusted to fit riders of different heights, the distance between the back of the seat to the pedal can be adjusted to be anywhere in between 31.5 - 37 inches. This fun, fast powerful go kart will be a hit amongst outdoor loving kids.


Kandi 150cc 2-seat

The Kandi 150cc go kart is the ultimate outdoor go kart for adventure loving teenagers and adults. The Kandi off road go kart features a powerful 150cc engine is an air cooled 4-stroke 1-cylinder engine with automatic reverse.

The design of this off-road kart is packed safety features which includes bucket seats with seatbelts and a roll cage to protect the occupants if an accident were to happen.

This racer kart is designed for the outdoors, has low ground clearance, it sports an adjustable steering wheel, full suspension and all terrain durable tires. In addition, a small storage rack is located above the back wheels, this is a great addition if you plan on taking your new kart on an off-road adventure.

This Kandi 150cc 2-seat has all the bells and whistles that one would need in a go kart, the only drawback it is fairly expensive price tag.

You may notice a district lack of 4 seater go kart options within this guide. Although we would have liked to review more UTV karts we weren't able to for the first edit of this guide. We intend to change that in fall of 2020 when we update the post. We have our eyes on a number of go karts to add to this guide including models from buggygo kart, tao tao, mototec and razor.


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