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Best Go Karts for Kids: Tested Reviews

Smart phones, tablets, iPads these are the ‘toys’ that the majority of kids play with nowadays.

Traditional toys are taking a backseat but a fan favorite that has stood the test of time (and technology) is the go kart.

Go karts are fun, easy to use, and provide hours and hours of fun for both adults and kids alike.

In fact, go karts are more than just toys, they don’t just ensure that kids spend time outdoors, they also teach kids valuable coordination skills that are associated with driving.

A host of different go karts for kids are available, these go karts range from pedal powered to engine powered go karts that can seat up to 4 riders.

Choosing the perfect go kart for your little one that meets all of the necessary criteria including quality, safety and functionality can be a daunting task, but don’t worry there is no need for concern.

To make the decision a bit less daunting let’s take a closer look at the different go karts that are available for kids to ensure that you buy the perfect go kart for your little one.

Our current ratings for the best go karts for kids are:

  1. Hauck Batmobile
  2. Nerf Pedal Go Kart
  3. Monster Moto

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart
Taotao GK80 79cc Go Kart
Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart, Orange/Grey/Black
Batmobile Pedal Go Kart
Taotao GK80 79cc Go Kart
Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart
from $108.58
from $654.00
Prime Delivery
Electric Powered
Pedal Kart
Suitable for Kids Under 10
Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart
Batmobile Pedal Go Kart
from $108.58
Prime Delivery
Electric Powered
Pedal Kart
Suitable for Kids Under 10
Taotao GK80 79cc Go Kart
Taotao GK80 79cc Go Kart
from $654.00
Prime Delivery
Electric Powered
Pedal Kart
Suitable for Kids Under 10
Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart, Orange/Grey/Black
Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart
Prime Delivery
Electric Powered
Pedal Kart
Suitable for Kids Under 10


Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

Best Overall

The Hauck Batmobile pedal go kart is the perfect first go kart for young kids.

This go kart features a cool Batman/Batmobile inspired look that resembles the go kart that most kids dream about as a birthday gift. The bucket seat of the Hauck Batmobile is comfortable and can be adjusted to fit kids of multiple heights.

The race style pedals are durable and easy to use, and the rubber wheels of the Hauck Batmobile offers exceptional grip and a smooth ride on a variety of different surfaces.

A handbrake for both of the rear wheels is available as an added safety feature.

The Hauck Batmobile sports an affordable price tag in comparison to electric or engine powered go karts.

Keep this go kart on your little one’s birthday wish list.

"The Hauck Batmobile pedal go kart features a sporty 3-point steering that is responsive and easy to maneuver."


Hauck Nerf


Best Value

This pedal powered go kart really does promise hours of fun, even if the karting stops, the fun really begins with the Nerf guns. The Hauck Nerf electric go kart is a pretend play go kart, it has a host of safety features including a seatbelt and small kids can enjoy it without any fear of getting hurt due to its low top speed.

The Hauck Nerf electric go kart for kids is the perfect gift for that upcoming birthday or celebration.

The Hauck Nerf pedal go kart comes with placeholders for Nerf blasters, brackets and darts, perfect for all action, fun-packed afternoons.

The seat can be adjusted to 3 different sizes and the materials used in the manufacturing of the Hauck Nerf go kart is very strong and durable.

"This fun easy to use go kart with its affordable price will bring tons of fun and lots of smiles to any kids face."



Monster Moto MM-K80-RT


Best All-Rounder

Kids love go karts, it’s a fun toy that they can play with outside for hours.

The Monster Moto MM-K80-RT is the ultimate outdoor go kart that will ensure hours and hours of fun.

The Monster Moto features a 79.5cc engine that produces 2.5 HP of power, it has a pull starter, an automatic transmission and a top speed of 18 mph. This powerful little go kart is packed with safety features to ensure the safety of its young riders, it features hydraulic brakes, a formed bucket seat with a seat belt and a protective roll bar.

In terms of design this go kart has it all, but just to top it off it features a cool outdoor camo look as well.

"If your young one has a knack for speed and the outdoors then this will be the perfect gift for any occasion."

How to ensure your purchase the right Go Kart for your child

A variety of different kids Go Karts are available on the market.

Purchasing a Go Kart can be quite a big financial investment thus thorough research is required before a final decision is made.

Let’s take a look at the different types of Go Karts availableto help you make a well-educated decision.

Pedal powered go karts

Pedal powered go karts are the original go karts, these karts are low maintenance, fun to use and often feature robust designs.

Quite simply, a pedal powered go kart is the perfect option for children.

Pedal powered go karts are environmentally friendly and they also serve as a good source of exercise for kids.

Pedal powered go karts are also some of the most affordable go karts available on the market.

Electric go karts

Electric go karts are environmentally friendly go karts that use battery powered motors.

These electric go karts range in size, small electric karts have a max speed of around 2 mph, bigger electric go karts can reach speeds up to almost 20 mph.

Electric go karts are more expensive than pedal powered go karts, but they have a host of other features that puts them in a class of their own.

A drawback to keep in mind when purchasing an electric go kart is its battery life. Electric carts on average run for an hour continuously and 8-10 hours is required for a full charge.

Engine powered go karts

Engine powered go karts are the most powerful go karts and they can reach speeds in excess of 30 mph, which in some cases makes them off limits to kids.

Engine powered go karts are powerful and they are the best option if you plan on taking your go kart out on the trails or track. This means they are a great option if you're looking to introduce your child to off roading or go kart racing but if you're looking for more a 'toy' then we would recommend steering clear of engine powered karts for now.

Engine powered go karts also require regular maintenance as well as hefty price tags.  

Are you looking for an on road or off road go kart?

Before buying a go kart make sure to plan on where your child will be riding it.

If you plan on using it outdoors and on trails a rugged go kart with off road wheels will be required. If you plan on using it either indoors or on paved roads then an electric or pedal powered go kart will be a better option.

One seater and multiple seater go karts

Go karts differ in size, multiple seater go karts are perfect for big families.

Small kids that don’t want to be the driver of the go kart just yet will still have tons of fun in the passenger seat with either their big brother or sister driving them around.

How to ensure your child’s safety while using a Go Kart

As the above section just explored, some go karts are motorized toys, and while others might be pedal powered even these go karts can travel at pretty fast speeds.

When toys and speed are combined safety is always of concern, keep the following in mind to ensure the safety of your child while they are enjoying their go kart:

  •   Make sure to buy a go kart that doesn’t go too fast for your little one. Either get a go kart with the correct max speed for your child’s age or get a go kart with a speed governor in order to be able to control its max speed.
  •   Buy a quality go kart, go karts can be expensive but don’t try to cut corners by buying a cheap option just to save money. A well-designed robust go kart will go a long way in ensuring safety especially if an accident were to happen.
  •   Ensure that the go kart has structural features that promotes safety. A roll bar and a bumper are both features that will enhance the safety of the go kart.
  •   Buy a go kart according to your kid’s age and skill level. Go karts are powerful toys, make sure that your child is old enough to handle the size and speed of the go kart.
  •   Education, take the time to educate your child about road safety, the dangers of crashing at a fast speed and the importance of always putting safety first.
  •   Always wear protective gear. Seatbelts are installed with good reason, make sure that seatbelts are always worn at all times. In addition to seatbelts a helmet should also be worn at all times, especially when driving a go kart that can reach high speeds. Additional protective gear including shoulder pads and knee pads can also be worn for added safety.
  •   Regular maintenance is also very important to ensure that mechanical issues don’t lead to safety hazards.

Different speeds for different ages

Go karts with different speeds are recommended for kids depending on their age.

Some of the fastest go karts on the market can reach top speeds in excess of 30 mph. The best go karts for kids will be equipped with a speed governor, the following max speeds per age groups are recommended:

  •   Ages 3-6, 5 mph and below
  •   Ages 6-9, 10 mph and below
  •   Ages 10+, 10 mph and above, make sure to govern speed depending on your child’s skill levels.

Kids Go Karts FAQs

What type of go kart should I buy for my kid?

Speed is potentially the most important factor to consider when deciding which type of go kart to buy for your little one.

Small kids will enjoy electric powered go karts that have very low max speeds.

This is a great way to introduce your little one to a go kart without scaring them off and the absence of speed also ensures safety.

Bigger kids that have better coordination will enjoy a go kart that offers more speed and functionality. Larger kids (6 years and older) will also enjoy the fun that pedal powered and drifter go karts have on offer.

Where will my kid be able to ride their go kart?

The answer to this question depends on the type of go kart that you bought or plan to buy for your little one.

Electric go karts and pedal powered go karts can be used both indoors and outdoors if enough space is available.

Engine powered go karts are better suited for outside use due to their gas emissions.

It is important to do research about go kart tracks in your area if you plan on buying either a racing or off-road go kart for your little family members. Weather conditions can also be a determining factor, those that live in cold areas with heavy snowfall will be better off purchasing a go kart that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Can go karts be transported with ease?

Smaller go karts can be transported with relative ease if you have either a truck or SUV to transport it with.

In general, go karts are fairly heavy and it will require some difficulty to transport them without a proper transportation system.

Pedal powered go karts will be slightly lighter and easier to transport due to the absence of a heavy engine or battery powered electric motor.

Final thoughts

Go karts are a fun toys that offers more than just entertainment.

Go karts also teach kids important coordination skills associated with driving.

A host of different go karts are available to choose from, this includes pedal, electric and engine powered go karts and furthermore it can be broken down into off-road vs on-road go karts, multiple seater go karts and drifter go karts.

Max speed, safety and required road conditions are all important factors to consider when buying a go kart.

Make sure to do thorough research before buying the perfect gift for your little one.

More Reviews...

Kinbor Go Kart

Kinbor Go Kart

The Kinbor pedal powered go kart is the ultimate pedal powered go kart for kids.

The Kinbor features a sporty look and it is packed with a host of other features that young kids dream about.

The frame of the Kinbor is constructed out of durable stainless steel and polypropylene plastic. In addition to its sturdy build the Kinbor also features antislip wheels, not only does it allow for use on different surfaces it also ensures the safety of the young rider.

The adjustable bucket seat of the Kinbor is comfortable and it can be adjusted to fit the height of the rider.

With a capacity of 66 lbs this go kart is the perfect gift to introduce your little one to go karts and the fun that they provide. A brand-new bike use to be the ultimate gift, but a pedal powered go kart might just one up it.

12V Kids Go-Kart Racer

12V Kids Go Kart

The 12V kids go kart racer might just be the coolest battery-operated go kart for young kids on the market.

Its sporty look will make any young kids dream about becoming a F1 race car driver one day. It is operated by a 12 V battery and it has a high speed of 2.8 mph. Added fun features include a horn, push to start button and a cup holder.

The 12V kids go kart racer has a weight capacity of 77 lbs and it is suitable for kids 3 years and above.

The coolest feature on this go kart is without a doubt its seat, this bucket seat looks like something that should be in a professional race car and not in a kid’s go kart. 12V kids go kart racer does feature a hefty price tag, but the smiles it will provides makes it worth the splurge.

Hauck Lightning

The Hauck Lightning pedal powered go kart for kids is more than just a fun toy, it is a great source of physical activity, endurance and coordination.

This easy to use go kart is always ready, both parents and kids don’t have to deal with charging batteries or filling up the gas tank whenever they want to use it.

The design of the Hauck Lightning ensures both functionality and safety, it features race inspired pedals, rubber wheels, a hand brake and a sporty steering wheel. In addition, the steel used in the design of the Hauck Lightning is extremely durable.

The custom ergonomically designed seat of the Hauck Lightning ensures both comfort and safety and it can be adjusted to fit drivers of different heights. Being the “cool” parent doesn’t have to be difficult, any kid would love a go kart like the Hauck Lightning for his/her birthday.

Berg Buddy

The Berg Buddy pedal go kart is a sporty looking pedal powered go kart with a maximum capacity of 150 lbs.

This go kart with its high maximum capacity will be one that can be used by kids of all ages, mom and maybe dad might also be small enough to have some fun on the Berg Buddy.

The Berg Buddy features a strong steel tubular frame design to ensure durability. The berg Buddy features a BRF Hub system, this allows the drive to brake and pedal either forward or in reverse, this makes the berg Buddy very maneuverable.

The pneumatic tires of the berg buddy ensures a controlled ride with maximum traction and durability. An ergonomically designed bucket seat ensures a comfortable ride regardless of the terrain. The berg Buggy does feature quite a hefty price tag but it will definitely be worth the spend.

Powersportsgalaxy 110cc Pre-Teen

The Powersportsgalaxy 110cc pre-teen is the perfect 2 seater off-road go kart for pre-teen kids (6-10 years of age).

The Powersportsgalaxy features a reliable 110cc single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled fully automatic engine with reverse.

Safety is extremely important when it comes to children and motorized toys, the Powersportsgalaxy 110cc features 2 individual seat belts for both the driver and the passenger to ensure that they are strapped in at all times. In addition, the Powersportsgalaxy 110cc features a speed limiter which is set at 24 mph, it also features a kill switch as an added safety feature.

The design of the Powersportsgalaxy 110cc does feature a variety of safety features, but the use of a helmet is recommended at all times. The Powersportsgalaxy 110cc has a max load of 180 lbs, thus two 10-year old’s will both be able to ride with ease.

The Powersportsgalaxy 110cc is a great gift option if you have young kids that enjoy speed and the outdoors.

Trailmaster XRX-R Mini Kids

The Trailmaster XRX-R is a sporty, rugged looking kids go kart.

The Trailmaster XRX-R features a reliable 163cc 5.5 hp 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine with disc brakes and a fully automatic CVT transmission.

The Trailmaster XRX-R is also safe to drive at night thanks to its LED headlights and has a capacity of 250 lbs, two youths will be able to fit on with ease.

Safety is an important aspect to look at when shopping for a kids/youth go kart and the Trailmaster XRX-R comes with a speed limiter and safety belts as well as a strong durable canopy top to ensure safety.

Razor Ground Force Drifter

The Razor Force Drifter isn’t your average go kart, it is a super fun drifting kart with a unique spark bar.

The Razor Force Drifter is battery powered and its design is based on a original ground force design. The variable speed chain driven motor of the Razor Force Drifter can run at speeds up to 12 mph and it will leave a shower of sparks in your wake.

The Razor Force Drifter features a race tuned chassis and super slick rear wheels that will have you drifting around the neighborhood all day long. The kart is operated with the help of a thumb trigger acceleration control and hand operated rear brake.

The Razor Force Drifter runs for 40 minutes per charge and it can support a driver that weight up to 140 lbs, it also includes a seat belt but a helmet is a must have item due to the absence of a roll cage or roll bar. This drifter go kart is a must have on the gift option list.