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Best Go Kart Review Guide

Are you interested in go karts? Are you looking at buying a go kart? Do you want a go kart for yourself, for the family or as a gift for your kids? Will you be using the go kart for fun, or will it be for racing?

The goal of this guide is to answer all of your go kart related questions. We will take a look at the different types of go karts, different engine types, engine sizes and much more, covering just about everything you will need to know before making a purchase or heading to your local track.

Our current ratings for the overall best go karts are:

  1. Powersportsgalaxy 110cc
  2. Trailmaster XRX Mini
  3. Kandi 110cc

6-12 Years Old 110cc Red Go Kart 2 Seater Gas Powered Off-Road Go Cart for Kids and Youths
KANDI 110cc 2-seat Go Kart (KD-110GKG-2)
Powersportsgalaxy 110cc
Trailmaster XRX Mini
KANDI 110cc
Prime Delivery
Off Road Suitable
Pedal Kart
Suitable for Kids Under 10
6-12 Years Old 110cc Red Go Kart 2 Seater Gas Powered Off-Road Go Cart for Kids and Youths
Powersportsgalaxy 110cc
Prime Delivery
Off Road Suitable
Pedal Kart
Suitable for Kids Under 10
Trailmaster XRX Mini
Prime Delivery
Off Road Suitable
Pedal Kart
Suitable for Kids Under 10
KANDI 110cc 2-seat Go Kart (KD-110GKG-2)
KANDI 110cc
Prime Delivery
Off Road Suitable
Pedal Kart
Suitable for Kids Under 10


Powersportsgalaxy 110cc

Best Overall

The design of the Powersportsgalaxy 110cc does feature a variety of safety features, but the use of a helmet is recommended at all times. The Powersportsgalaxy 110cc also has a max load of 180 lbs.

Overall the Powersportsgalaxy 110cc is a great option for all ages.

The kart features a reliable 110cc single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled fully automatic engine with reverse.

Safety is extremely important when it comes to motorized karts and the Powersportsgalaxy 110cc features 2 individual seat belts for both the driver and the passenger to ensure that they are strapped in at all times.In addition, the Powersportsgalaxy 110cc features a speed limiter which is set at 24 mph, it also features a kill switch as an added safety feature.

"The Powersportsgalaxy 110cc is the perfect 2-seater off-road go kart."


Trailmaster XRX Mini (FOR Kids)

Best Value

The Trailmaster XRX is a sporty looking and functional go kart.

The Trailmaster XRX features a reliable 163cc 5.5 HP 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine with disc brakes and a fully automatic CVT transmission.


Safety is an important aspect to look at when shopping for a go kart and the Trailmaster XRX comes with a speed limiter and safety belts as well as a strong durable canopy top to ensure safety.

Take note that basic repair and setup skills will be required to get the Trailmaster XRX up and running, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it take your new go kart to a mechanic for the setup process.

"The Trailmaster is also safe to drive at night thanks to its LED headlights and has a capacity of 250 lbs. meaning driver and a passenger can fit with ease."


Kandi 110cc

Best All-Rounder

The Kandi 110cc go kart is a 2-seater go kart featuring a 110cc 4 stroke single cylinder air cooled engine with an automatic transmission with reverse.

The Kandi 110cc features a remote kill and a remote start switch as a safety feature, it also features seatbelts and has a speed limit of 25 mph.

The weight capacity of the Kandi 110cc is 330 lbs., but we did find that it offered limited leg room for 2 passengers.

The Kandi 110cc will need some basic assembly upon delivery, however the help of a mechanic shouldn’t be required for this.

This go kart also feature top bars that will serve as protection in the event of an accident, but the use of helmets is strongly recommended to ensure maximum safety.

Overall the Kandi 110cc is worth a look if you are in the market for a new go kart.

"Overall the Kandi 110cc is worth a look if you are in the market for a new go kart."

What's The Difference Between Certain Types of Go Kart Models

  •   Racing Go Karts

Racing Go Karts are designed for the race track.

These go karts feature strong sturdy designs and tend to be more expensive than your average go kart.

Racing karts also need to comply to certain race and safety regulations in order to be eligible to race. There are different types of go karts for racing, let’s take a look at these go karts and the racing categories that they are built for:

  • Sprint Go Karts

Sprint go karts are arguably the most common type of racing go kart. Sprint go karts are able to drive on a variety of different tracks, and they live up to their name because these go karts are renowned for their speed.

  • Oval Karts

Oval carts are best suited for racing around an oval track. Oval kart racing is another popular form of cart racing.

  • Enduro

Enduro karts can reach speeds up to 90 mph. These karts are the fastest yet smallest go karts available on the market. Enduro karts are designed for experienced kart drivers that can handle the speed of these “little beasts”

  • Family/Safari Style Go Karts

Family/Safari style go karts are the perfect option for families that enjoy the outdoors.

Family/Safari style go karts are normally 4-seater go karts with the capability to drive on a variety of different terrains.

Family/Safari style go karts can reach speeds in excess of 30 mph and they will ensure hours of fun for the whole crew.

  •   Dune Buggies

Dune buggies differ slightly from a regular go kart.

Dune buggies are best for those that enjoy tackling rough and bumpy off-road terrains.

Dune buggy go karts are bigger in size, they feature bigger wheels and a padded roll cage, all features that can be expected from an off road go kart.

Dune buggies are available in both single and two-seater options, the two seater buggies are more common.

The dune buggy is the perfect option for off road adrenaline seekers.

  •   Youth Go Karts

The popularity of youth go karts is increasing.

Go karts are a fun way for kids to play outside while also learning important coordination skills associated with driving.

Go karts for kids are available in a variety of different options and sizes to ensure that your child can have a fun yet safe experience in their go kart.

  •   3 Wheel Go Karts

3 wheel go carts feature a more simplistic design.

If you are looking for a DIY go kart building project then a 3 wheel go kart design will be the best option.

3 wheeled go karts can either be engine powered, pedal powered and they are often times used as downhill drifting trikes as well.

  •   Pedal Go Karts

Pedal go karts have the shape of a standard go kart but they are pedal powered like a bicycle.

Pedal go karts are fun to use for all ages, they are more affordable than a battery or engine powered go kart, and last but not least they also double up as a form of exercise.

  •   Drifting Karts

Drifting karts are similar to pedal go karts. Drifting is when the back wheels basically lose control and they “drift” around corners etc.

Slick back tires are required in order for a go kart to be able to drift. Drifting is a lot of fun, it’s the perfect option if you are looking for something different than normal go karting.

  •   Electric Go Karts

Electric go karts are standard go karts that are battery powered.

Electric karts are more environmentally friendly and more economical due to the fact that they are rechargeable.

Youth go karts tend to be electric, especially karts that are designed for small kids under the age of 5.

What are the different features that set the best go karts apart?


The engine of your go kart is obviously a very important feature.

Standard go kart engines for adult go karts are 4 stroke petrol engines that are roughly 200cc in size, standard youth engines are a bit smaller at 120cc. Modern go karts are also available with electric engines that are battery powered.

Steering wheel

The steering wheel is the control center of a go kart thus it is vital that you have a high-quality steering wheel.

Go karts reach speeds in excess of 40 mph, good steering control is key when you are sitting close to the ground and you are going at those speeds.


The seat of a go kart is another important fixture. The seat needs to be comfortable, but it also needs to be adjustable to ensure that you are comfortable and that you can reach the pedals without any restrictions.


Good tires are important to ensure traction when you are going around a corner at high speed.

Off-road tires are required if you prefer a dune buggy, and drifters will need sleek back tires. Make sure that you have the correct tires for the correct terrain and conditions.


The chassis of a go kart is an important feature to look at.

The chassis affects the maneuverability of the kart. An agile chassis is particularly important for racing to ensure maximum acceleration after slowing down to take a turn.


Safety is a very important factor to consider when buying a go kart.

It is important to make sure that the go kart has a good seat with a high-quality seat belt. A roll cage or other structural protection is also very important, and last but not least invest in a good high-quality helmet.

Racing go kart categories and the preferred chassis in each category

  •   Bambino class (ages 6-8)

The best chassis for go karts in the bambino category is a Zip Kart chassis. The Bambino class is still a very new category thus fewer chassis options are available.

  •   Cadet class (ages 8-13)

The best chassis for karts in the cadet class is a Synergy chassis. The Synergy chassis is the chassis of choice for the majority of cadet class drivers, this is a result of the relationship between Fusion racings youth team and Synergy.

  •   Junior class (ages 11-17)

The best chassis for karts in the junior class is a Compkart/Fullerton chassis. The junior class is extremely competitive, the Compkart/Fullerton is renowned for how easy it is to drive, as a result, it has become ever more popular amongst junior class drivers.

  •   Senior class (age 16 and older)

The best chassis for karts in the senior category is the OTK/Tonykart chassis. The OTK/Tonykart is a very user-friendly chassis, drivers love it and finding parts or getting work done to it is fairly due to its popularity and simplicity.

  •   Short circuit gearbox (ages 16+)

Short circuit go karting is a niche market within go kart racing, according to racers it is the closest that one can get to F1 levels in terms of performance. Experienced short circuit gearbox drivers all agree that the best chassis on the market is the Sodikart chassis, this is due to the consistent high-level performance that it ensures.

Different types of go kart engines

  •   Petrol Engines

Two or four stroke gas engines are the standard engines that majority of go karts use.

Some go kart engines are specially designed for go karts, others are merely slightly modified car engines.

Gas engines work through internal combustion with a revolving piston which powers the crankshaft.

These engines range in power from a standard 5 to a 20-horsepower model. Advanced engine designs can reach up to 90 horsepower, these engines can also reach speeds in excess of 300 km/h. In addition, gas engines can either be horizontal or vertically mounted engines.

Both types are good engines but a horizontally mounted engine provides more power output and replacements parts are easier to find.

  •   Electric Motors

The popularity of electric motors continues to rise as new innovation evolves.

Electric motors are more environmentally friendly in terms of both air and noise pollution.

Electric engines also require a lot less maintenance to keep running. Electric motors are powered by lead-acid batteries that are rechargeable.

Electric motors can’t run as long as petrol engine karts do, but these motors will only improve with time and soon before long their performance will be up to par with petrol engines.

  •   LPG Engines

LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas, this is a fuel that combines propane and butane and it is also known as Autogas.

These LPG engines are much more cost effective compared to standard petrol engines due to their efficient burn rate. An added bonus is that their emissions are also more environmentally friendly.

The LPG seems to be the perfect hybrid between a petrol and an electric engine.

You can find a full breakdown of the different types of go kart engines in our guide here.

  Go karts without engines

○  Pedal powered go karts

Basic go karts use a pedal system that resembles a bicycle. Pedal go karts aren’t renowned for speed but they are fun to use and they are very affordable in comparison to electric or gas-powered go karts.

○  Downhill drifting karts

Downhill drifters rely on the gradient in order to build up speed. Some downhill drifters don’t have any pedals or other type of engine that powers the kart.

Go kart engine maintenance

Routine maintenance is very important to ensure that your go kart engine performs at its maximum capacity and to ensure the long-term health of the engine.

Make sure to change the oil of your go kart either after every 20 hours of riding or at least once a year.

The air filter should be replaced every time you do an oil change, also make sure to clean the filter if it is packed with dirt. If your go kart stands for a long time make sure to drain out the fuel.

Gas turns into varnish over time and it can clog up the fuel lines and carburetor.

What to look out for when buying a second-hand go kart

Buying a used go kart is a great option if you are shopping on a tight budget.

If you are in the market for a second-hand go kart there are some important things to look out for in order to ensure that you are still buying a high quality go kart.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when looking at a used go kart.

  •   Location - ensure that you will be able to collect your new purchase without having to drive across the country
  •   How is the kart presented? Is it clean? Does it look well maintained?
  •   Take a good look at the condition of the chassis, make sure that it isn’t damaged and that it is straight
  •   Check the bearings by ensuring that the front wheels rotate freely without any noises etc.
  •   Get into the kart and make sure that you fit into it properly
  •   Check the steering wheel
  •   Look at the state of the wheels and make sure that the rims don’t wobble if you are able to take it for a ride.

This list won’t guarantee that everything is perfect on the go kart, but it is a good place to start when buying a used cart.

If you are buying the go kart as a gift rather look at a new option such as the Trailmaster 300cc XRX or the Kandi 110cc instead.

Final thoughts

The purchase of a go kart is a big investment, make sure to do your research thoroughly to ensure you make the best purchase possible.

Identify the type of go kart that you want, i.e. off-road, racing, youth or family, identify the engine type, set a budget, do you want to buy a new or used go kart?

Once all of these questions are answered you will be ready to tick the boxes and buy that go kart that you or your family has always wanted.

More Reviews..

Trailmaster 300cc XRX


The Trailmaster 300cc XRX is an adult sized go kart that can reach speeds up to 50 mph.

The Trailmaster XRX features a 300cc water cooled engine with an automatic CVT clutch. The Trailmaster 300cc XRX has a climbing ability of 18 degrees, rough terrains shouldn’t be a problem for this compact beast.

The Trailmaster 300cc XRX is more than just your standard go kart, it features a digital speedometer, turn signals, LED headlights, tail lights and polished aluminum rims. Safety is an important feature of all go karts, the Trailmaster 300cc XRX ticks the safety box thanks to its bucket seats with a 5-point seat harness and a full-size tubular steel frame that is designed for agility.

The Trailmaster 300cc XRX has a hefty price tag, but if you are looking for a high performance go kart that has all the bells and whistles then look no further.

Tao Tao EK80

Tao Tao EK80

The Tao Tao EK80 is a fun to use electric go kart powered by an 800-Watt 48V rechargeable battery and it features a foot operated rear disc brake system.

The Tao Tao EK80 is a single driver go kart with a weight capacity up to 80 lbs. To ensure safety, the max speed of the Tao Tao EK80 can be adjusted to either 10, 13 or 16 mph. The Tao Tao EK80 features a high-quality steel frame, but it doesn’t have a canopy or a seatbelt so a helmet is a must at all times to ensure safety.

The Tao Tao EK80 is perfect for the first time go kart drivers that want a toned-down version of a gas-fueled kart, the Tao Tao EK80 has a much slower max speed and it runs lower to the ground.

Costzon Electric Go Karts for Kids

The Costzon electric go kart is a fun pretend play go kart for smaller riders. This fun toy is operated by a 6V 4.5AH rechargeable battery, once fully charged it can be used for 1 hour continuously, a full charge takes 8-10 hours.

The Costzon go kart only reaches a speed of roughly 2 mph to ensure that your little one can ride around safe and sound, it also comes with a seatbelt to ensure additional safety.

This fun go kart mimics a real full size go cart in terms of design, look, and features.

It features a sporty steering wheel, an electric foot pedal, flashing lights, and music. The Costzon go kart is very good for hand, foot and eye coordination and it is a fun toy with an affordable price tag that will keep your little one occupied for hours.

Razor ForGo Kart

The Razor ForGo Kart features a vintage buggy design, it is fun to use and its durable design is set to stand the test of time.

The Razor ForGo Kart is designed for children 8 years and up and it can support a total weight of 120 lbs.

The Razor ForGo Kart is powered by 2 rechargeable 12V electric batteries. The on/off switch is located by the batteries and the speed is controlled by a throttle on the handle bars. The Razor ForGo Kart can reach speeds up to 9 mph, a good speed that both kids and parents feel comfortable with.

The Razor ForGo Kart features a padded bucket seat with a seatbelt to ensure safety, it also features secure side roll cages to further ensure the safety of the rider. This vintage buggy is the perfect way to safely satisfy your young ones need for speed.

Monster Moto MM-K80-BR

The Monster Moto MM-K80-BR is a funky looking all terrain go kart. It's camouflage exterior attracts the eye and kids will love it when they see it.

The Monster Moto MM-K80-BR features a 79.5cc OHV engine and it has a rated power of 2.5 HP.

This compact yet powerful go kart can reach speeds up to 18 mph and it has an easy to use automatic transmission. The pedals are colored coded to ensure that it can be used with ease - the gas pedal is green and the brake pedal is red.

The Monster Moto MM-K80-BR features a roll bar and formed bucket seat with a seatbelt to further ensure safety. The Monster Moto MM-K80-BR is the perfect go kart to teach young drivers how to drive before buying them a bigger more powerful go kart.

Razor Force Drifter

The Razor Force Drifter isn’t your average go kart, it is a super fun drifting kart.

The Razor Force Drifter is battery powered and its design is based on an original ground force design. The variable speed chain driven motor of the Razor Force Drifter can run at speeds up to 12 mph. The Razor Force Drifter features a race tuned chassis and super slick rear wheels that will have you drifting around the neighborhood all day long.

The Razor Force Drifter is operated with the help of a thumb trigger acceleration control and hand operated rear brake. The Razor Force Drifter runs for 40 minutes per charge and it can support a driver that weight up to 140 lbs. The Razor Force Drifter does have a seat belt but a helmet is a must have item due to the absence of a roll cage or roll bar.

PRO TT Go Kart (Honda CRF Series Clone)

The Pro TT 4-seater family go kart is a clone of the popular Honda CRF series 4-seater go kart. The Pro TT is the ultimate family go kart, it is ideal for family adventures on all terrains.

The Pro TT is powered by a 150cc air cooled 4 stroke 1 cylinder engine, this engine produces speeds of up to 30mph with 4 passengers. The Pro TT features an automatic transmission system with a hydraulic disc braking system.

The Pro TT is the youth edition, thus it has a height limit of 5.7 ft and a weight capacity of 330 lbs. The Pro TT features a fun design with ample lighting, it also features bucket seats with safety harnesses for safety. If you have a big family that enjoys speed and adventure then you should definitely have a look at the Pro TT.